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Jesus' final instruction to His disciples was "go and make disciples of all nations...." (Matthew 28.19 NIV)

Seeking to play a part in fulfilling this commission, Firelighters has developed the TIDE course....

What is the TIDE course?

TIDE stands for Training In Discipleship & Evangelism.

While the course can be used with new disciples, it is not meant as an introduction to the faith but as a tool for all Christians who want to deepen their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

TIDE consists of twelve 40 minute talks on radical discipleship which are available online, on DVD or as audio downloads.

The subjects dealt with are:

  1. The Cost of Discipleship
  2. Getting clean and staying that way
  3. Prayer
  4. Radical encounter in the Scriptures
  5. Inner Healing I
  6. Inner Healing II
  7. Power for Living
  8. Evangelism
  9. God' heart for the world
  10. Generosity and Giving
  11. Spiritual Warfare
  12. Spiritual Gifts

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Q & A about TIDE:

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