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Orlando & Lisa Muerasse

Orlando from Mozambique) and Lisa (from Canterbury, England) have worked in Northern Mozambique for more than ten years.Banner

It has been hard graft but a number of ministries have emerged from their labours. In addition, from the end of 2015, they now also have some fellow workers who have joined them to make up a current team of 5 and the prospect of two more joining in 2017.

Bible Teaching & Evangelism

Lisa teachingBible stories are read at various houses around the village to instruct people on what Christians believe: why Jesus needed to come, what he did when he came and the ways people responded to him.

This is a slow process because the folk Muslim/witchcraft background of the villagers has very little in commoOrlando seatedn with a living faith in Christ.

Training of local ministers and laity takes place on an ad hoc basis with the aim of improving standards of biblical interpretation which will follow through into preaching

A home for 16 orphaned boys

Childrens HomeThe Home will be able to take up to 16 boys. The aim is to raise the boys up with godly values, education and vocational skills so as adults they can be independent.

The team is in the process of receiving funds and buying the necessary furnishings for the Home to be completed and of appointing House Parents. They will start off with 4 boys in the Home and over time we will increase the number gradually, to ensure that they settle in well. 

Please pray for:

  • the appointment of the right house parents for the home;
  • the final funds for the furnishings;
  • the home to be open very soon;
  • for sponsorship of the boys who join the house.

Children’s ministry

  • The team runs a Children’s Club for children aged 4 to 13 from the Village every Thursday. It meets twice on Thursdays at 9am and 3pm, as children go to school either in the morning or afternoon. They play a couple of games, sing, a bible story, snack time and pray.
  • About 100 children come to the Club each week and they have a good time with them playing games, and they love their enthusiasm to sing!children
  • The team are in the process of starting a Mums and Toddlers group, meeting on Tuesdays 10-11.30am. The aim is to give the children opportunities to play and learn nursery rhymes, hear a short bible story, and for the mums to have a place to chat and get to know one another better. 
  • The team also runs a Discipleship Group for about 10 children and teenagers that have become Christians. It meets on Tuesdays at 5pm and they learn more about God and the Bible together. 
  • In the future they are planning on having a Youth Group for 14-18 year olds in the Village. They had a couple of trial runs and look forward to when this will become a regular event. 

Clothes and Food

  • All new mums and their children are invited to come along on Monday mornings. This gives the team the chance to check that everything is ok with their babies, they receive a starter pack for their baby and all the children are given a jumper and hat. It can get surprisingly cold there in the winter months of May to August and many houses aren't built to keep out the cold so warm clothes are still needed!
  • Food can be in short supply for some in the village so the team offer the chance to local people to be paid for working on our land or to grow their own crops on a part of it, which can help to alleviate hunger without resorting to handouts. The Food Garden is being developed and is used to help families in the village, it will also play a part of supplying the Children's Home once it's opened.Fields
  • The main part of people’s diet is maize. Once the maize is harvested it needs to be stripped then ground into flour and this can be expensive so the team offers the facility to use their machine at a small cost. The team is conveniently located right next to the village so it's not far for the people to come.

Prayer: Currently the machine isn't working and they would love the funds to be able to repair it and continue this ministry. 


The team provide basic health care for the village. This includes improvements to cleanliness, basic drug dispensing and first aid, Healthcareencouragement to have vaccinations and emergency transport to the hospital in town. Birth records are also checked and the mums are advised on care for their new born babies.

Providing income for local people

The team have imported various engineering machines that were kindly donated from the UK.

These have already been used to make furniture for the Pastos Verdes team and the Children's home, and in the future they will be used to train others in the village and the older children in the Children’s Home.

There are also sewing machines to provide a source of income for local people or for them to make their own clothes.


for Guy, Mary and Claire as the practise their Portuguese;

  • that Literacy classes to assist the children with school will be restarted soon (once the new team’s language ability is better).


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