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Books and Writings

The King's Gold

by Grace Turner

A heart cry for Christians to seek the real treasure of Christ which is often found in dark places...

For what people have said about the book, an excerpt from it and how to buy it, click here....


Biblical Overviews

by Nick Turner

These are condensed overviews of the first five books of the New Testament in note form highlighting themes and patterns that you may not have noticed!  

Mark's Gospel

9 pages, to access, click here....

Luke's Gospel

12 pages, to access, click here....

John's Gospel

15 pages, to access, click here....

The Acts of the Apostles

11 pages, to access, click here....

[Matthew's Gospel  - to follow]

Free Online Christian Resources 

Check out this link for details of many really helpful websites where you can access or download free articles, e-books, apologetics, Bible teaching, podcasts, films, missional material, discipleship aids, help for new believers etc. here 

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