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Handcrafted Projects

HandcraftedIn early 2012, Dan Northover started the Handcrafted Projects in Durham England. It is a new charity which provides training for long term unemployed people due to addictions, illness and offending etc.

They now run a full week of activities including woodwork, property refurbishment and landscape gardening. There are now four paid stuff plus volunteers from local churches.

The property refurbishment is done by the trainees who then become tenants of the properties, having a real sense of ownership of and benefit from the work they themselves have done. Handcrafted is then involved in supporting them as tenants but this arrangement also provides funds for the charity so new people can also be helped.

Over the past couple of years the project has really taken off with many taking advantage of the opportunities Handcrafted provides. 

Praise God for the wonderful blessing that He has poured out on this project. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for Dan particularly as he juggles the ever increasing demands of Handcrafted with his paying day-job and his family.

Dan  ArchbishopDan Northover showing the Archbishop of York, Rt.Rev. John Sentamu, around the Handcrafted projects in early 2014.

To see a short video of Dan introducing the way the ministry of Handcrafted is mushrooming in a very exciting way.... click here

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