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If you want to see your children become disciples then KidsTIDE could be just what you have been looking for.

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KidsTIDE is an adaption of the TIDE course for children by Firelighter Steve Henwood, BUT IT IS MUCH MORE than 12 teaching sessions!

While it incorporates masses of teaching material that can be used in stand-alone sessions it is intended to combine a complete approach to teaching children through example, fun, experience and Scriptural understanding over a period of years.

The material is very practical, having been tried out in a number of locations over a number of years, giving instructions to leaders on how to present the different topics together with lots of ideas on how to make these fun and interesting.

The course starts with the “Foundations” material which undergirds the topics that are taught and is the place to start.

When using the main teaching material, there are “weaves” – themes that are so important that they  should be used in a drip-feed approach throughout using the other topical material. These weaves are worship, prayer, encouragement, servanthood and the Bible.

If you think this course, may be for you then please download and read the KidsTIDE Introduction which tells you more….click here.

If you would like to have an idea of what the material looks like then the Bible weave is available…click here

If you decide that you would like to run KidsTIDE then we are happy to make the material freely available to you and simply ask that you register with us first. We will then give you “keys” to release the various downloads set out below.

To register, please email by using the button on the right panel of this page. Please give details of your name and address and the group who will be using the material.

Once you have a “key”, click where indicated below to download the following pdf materials:

Foundations ….. here

Encouragement weave ….. here

Prayer weave  ….. here

Praise & worship weave ….. here

Servanthood weave ….. here


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