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Max  CarlaPaul was formerly a journalist and author. In 2000, he went to Albania to research his book and while he was out there he met his wife Albana, a vivacious and incurable evangelist, who is particularly gifted with children.

Paul and Albana now live in Eastern Europe with their young son. As well as her role as mother, Albana is involved with the women's ministry and evangelism.

Paul launched a newspaper (the first one specifically for believers for over a hundred years in those parts!), which he ran for seven years and he then wrote a novel about the country he is in. Paul is now currently working on a sequel to his novel.

After a number of years working in a nearby village Paul and Albana planted a church, where Paul is now Pastor. A thriving community with programmes for everyone and in recent years 37 members have been baptised in the local lake. The team are now planting a second church on the high street in a nearby village.

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