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Praying ManPaul worked amongst Muslims in the Middle East for over 8 years.

After an initial trial period in 2006, he returned in September 2007 indefinitely and set up an NGO office in 2008. This local "Development Center" offered an integrated microfinance and business training/mentoring programme to local small business owners and also ran 'ad hoc' relief projects in the community.

Paul was involved in discipling, mentoring & "shadow-shepherding" several guys (Mus-background followers of Jesus) who are leading the early stages of several pioneering new CPMs (church planting movements) in their communities. 

He was also very involved encouraging and pioneering 'Strategic Prayer' initiatives in their country and region.

Sadly in December 2013, Paul was suddenly and unexpectedly forced to leave his home. His residency visa was not renewed and he was given just 7 days to leave the country. The reason for this expulsion was not given and is still not fully known.

Paul now lives in Buckinghamshire, England and the Lord has led clearly that He desires him to stay in the UK and not return to the field as the moment. This is somewhat surprising but also strategic.

Paul has taken up a role at the International Office of his other supporting organisation, serving with two senior leaders who oversee the field. Already he has a long list of projects under the title 'Special Projects Supervisor'! He will be engaging with the process of implementing change where and when it is needed, and specifically he will oversee gathering a network of field workers involved in crisis relief.


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