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Richard and Sarah

Richard  SarahRichard and Sarah are living in Saharan Africa with their two young children among a people group that has generally never heard the Gospel. Conditions are difficult in every area of life and the spiritual battle seems particularly real as they meet opposition and difficulties in many areas of life. They need to see major breakthroughs to enable them to continue their ministry, especially in relation to official local authorisation of their tent making business. They love the people and have made good friendships with some, but look forward to a period of settled life so that they can continue to develop these relationships.

Pray for

Their encouragement

Health and welfare of their small children

Official approval of their business

Financial relief for heavy tax bills they have to pay re starting their business

Good relationships with their neighbours

Good learning and understanding of the language and culture

Natural opportunities to share their faith

Others to work with them

Stamina to keep going



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