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The King’s Gold

by Grace Turner

Kings Gold Cover

"I love this book! It made me laugh, cry and declare "wow" out loud. Read this book and learn to live with the treasures our heavenly Father loves to give".

Simon Ponsonby
Director of Theology, St.Aldates Oxford.

"Through Grace Turner's book I have been informed, challenged and inspired to press on deeper into God. Thank you Grace for your wisdom and compassionate help in pursuing true treasure"

Roger Forster
Founder and leader of Ichthus Christian Fellowship

"Do you wonder how Jesus might have lived today, or what a real disciple looks like in the 21st Century? Grace Turner presents a clear picture in this book. I love being instructed by stories and this book is a treasure trove"

Lynn Green
International Chairman (emeritus)

This is a book about seeking true riches from God and not being satisfied with counterfeits. To listen to Grace on Premier Radio talking about the book ...... click the radio!Radio

The cost is £7.99 and can be obtained from Amazon, click here. The ISBN number is 9781854248725.

Read the Introduction.............

"The congregation rose as the organ began to play. They faced the church door and smiled as the radiant Bride began to pace slowly up the aisle. Everyone, that is, except the Groom. After one long look down the aisle, he whirled back, put his face in his hands and burst into tears of joy.

That image has stayed with me for some years, as I have thought about the Bride of Christ living in what may prove to be her finest and most testing hour. Is she drawing wealth from the Kings’ Purse, or is she pursuing “fools’ gold” that may crumble and prove worthless currency in time of war? Is her Groom delighted by the urgency with which she seeks to become His?

The “King’s Purse” was simply a name for the Royal Treasury in bygone days. Individuals were rewarded or sustained from the King’s Purse, and those of us who are following Christ today know that he has promised to “supply all [our] need according to His riches in glory…” (Phil.4.19). Yet increasingly it seems that we encounter seduction by “fools’ gold”, counterfeit wealth like goblin gold that disappears overnight.  Pyrite is an ore that is named fools’ gold because it sparkles, it is gold in colour but brittle and easily cracked, not precious metal.

True wealth is to be found in curious places, and God is preparing and training his Bride for battle, he is calling her to seek real gold. So often this is found in pain and tears, in faithful submission during “deserts” when with Job we say “…when he has tried me I shall come forth as gold.” (Job 23.10)

The story is told of a beggar waiting for a Maharajah to arrive at his village. He sat all day outside the village hoping to be first to see the Maharajah and ask for alms. When the cavalcade finally arrived, the beggar was indeed ushered into the presence of the great man. He bowed before him and held out his hands, palms up, in traditional gesture of supplication. To his disgust the Maharajah bent forward and did likewise. In great disappointment and frustration the beggar counted out 5 grains of corn onto the Maharajah’s hand and the interview was over. Later as he counted through his grain for his evening meal the beggar saw something glistening. It was a grain of gold! He searched diligently and found 5 grains of gold, but no more. Suddenly understanding, he cried out “If only I had known, I would have given him everything!”

In a culture and a day when everything encourages us to turn inwards in self-gratification, we can lose sight of age-old treasure, or hoard it for ourselves which is the certain way to lose it. We are going to look at how to pursue mercy from the King’s Purse rather than easily accumulated but brittle Pyrite that leaves us cynical or constantly a prey to new excitement, or to re-inventing “meaningful contact” with the King.  Old structures do need to change with changing times, but they are just that – structures. Gold is obtained the same old way, by mining rich seams in dark places. Isaiah 45v3 says “I will give you hidden wealth in secret places.”

As we read the scriptures we cannot be ignorant of the fact that we were born for battle as well as for a Crown. In his grace and love for us the Lord is seeking to bring us to a place that is ready, prepared for losses yet assured that the end will see the Marriage supper of the Lamb. The challenge for us is will we seek instant and insubstantial experiences or allow God to make us into a fighting unit, a Warrior Bride? If we do not allow him to do so, we in the West, at least, may not be ready when the curtain rises on the confrontation Jesus told us to expect.

Let us embrace the challenge, then, to be those who seek real gold where it may be found, who do not fear testing but see it as the means to being ready for battle and for his glory. Like Queen Esther the question we face today is “If you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise…from another place… (but) who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?” 

Esther’s reply was that she would face the challenge “…and if I perish, I perish” (Esther 4.16)".



Ch. 1   Power or Formula?
Ch. 2   Desert Training Camp
Ch.3    Stolen Treasure
Ch.4    Treasures of Darkness – Wounding
Ch.5    Warrior Bride
Ch.6    The Father seeks…
Ch.7    Dividing Your Bread with the Hungry
Ch.8    The Secret Wealth of Hidden Places
Ch.9    What Is ‘Real’?
Ch.10  A God-possessed People
Ch.11  Two Obituaries

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