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On this page you will find links to additional pages that will help you start, run, lead or teach a course.


The TIDE Leaders guide gives more details of the course and ideas on how this can be run. To view and download, click here....

If you want to teach the course yourself you will find a PDF and WORD transcript of each talk that you can download and print, Click here....

TIDE Student feedback form for use at the end of the course to find out how people got on and where they want to go from there, click here....

TIDE helper feedback form for those who have helped put on the TIDE course, click here....

What is TIDE? sheet for use in promoting a new course,         click here....

TIDE notepaper that can be used in promotion advertising,     click here....

TIDE Logo that can be used on advertising and TIDE hand-outs. Point at the image you want with your mouse and right click. Then choose whether to copy and paste the image into your document or "save picture as" to a folder on your computer or device.


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